Dawn of the Dead

I was back on the picket line a CBS at dawn today, though I moved to the Colfax gate this time. The writers were blowing whistles and encouraging passing cars to lean on their horns (which they did). This irritated the guards who made a show of scowling, counting the number of picketers, and making notations on their clipboards. I’m not sure why they were counting us, but I think we were supposed to be intimidated by it. We weren’t. I also chatted with my friends Bill Freiberger and Rodney Vacarro, which is one of the benefits of picketing. I keep bringing my iPod along but I haven’t listened to it yet.

2 thoughts on “Dawn of the Dead”

  1. It takes courage to walk the picket lines. It will require deepening courage and commitment to continue the strike when it begins to hurt financially. And yet the time has come for a stand. Writers are the most important talent in any feature film or TV series, and it is high time that their contributions be recognized and rewarded; high time that they become stakeholders in the successful dramas they created. There are a dozen Brad Pitts on every streetcorner, but only one person in a million can write screenplays that sing.

  2. This is what community is all about! Thank you for being there. I’m unable to physically participate (because I’m across the country till Jan 1st) but you guys have my support! Keep posting. This community is my only source of truth in this matter.


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