Variety Wrong Again

Last week, Variety reporters warned us that we’d be "swift-boated" if we didn’t reply to every ridiculous, inflammatory claim made by the AMPTP. Well, Variety was wrong, as proven by a report in their own pages today that shows the public is solidly behind us.

There’s an image war raging during the WGA strike, and the writers seem to be winning.

Public sympathy sides with the scribes, as a study, released Wednesday, indicates.

[…]The WGA trumpeted a pair of surveys Wednesday showing plenty of
public sympathy with backing of 69% in a Pepperdine poll and 63% in a
SurveyUSA poll, while the companies received a only a smattering of
support with 4% and 8%, respectively.

And the announcement came on the same day that WGA West prexy Patric Verrone and SAG topper Alan Rosenberg huddled with multiple elected officials in Washington, D.C., to explain the guilds’ position.

polls prove that the public understands what’s at stake here," Verrone
said in a statement. "Our fight represents the fight for all American
workers for a fair deal."

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