Deadly Pleasures finds BADGE a Pleasure

Maggie Mason gave THE MAN WITH THE IRON-ON BADGE a rave in her review for the upcoming issue of Deadly Pleasures Magazine:

THE MAN WITH THE IRON-ON BADGE by Lee Goldberg (Five Star,
$25.95) First in the Harvey Mapes series.  Rating A
You wouldn’t think of Harvey Mapes when asked to name a dashing PI.  Harvey
works as a night shift gate guard in a Southern California gated community.  He
lives in an older apartment complex, and isn’t what you’d call a real
go-getter.  Imagine his surprise when a wealthy resident wants to hire him to
find out what is going on with his wife.  Cyril Parkus knows something is wrong
with Lauren, but isn’t sure what. 
Harvey secures a fee a bit over what Jim Rockford used to charge, buys some
disposable cameras, and tails Lauren.  Much of his sleuthing skills are obtained
by watching reruns of classic detective TV shows.  Surprisingly, Harvey is
success full in his endeavors.  Cyril reacts in a strange manner when Harvey
makes his final report, and pays him off.  Harvey is not convinced the entire
story has been told, and continues his investigation, all the while lamenting
his lack of a big, angry, strong sidekick, and an insider at the police
department.  He does have a neighbor named Carol who begins to get involved in
the investigation, and romantically with Harvey, but that won’t help him if he
decides to put up a PI shingle.
Harvey uses his payoff money to go to the Seattle area to continue the
investigation, and does clear everything up, while nearly paying the ultimate price.  The good
news, is he may have obtained his "Hawk" on the trip. 

This was a witty, wonderful book.  It was hard to keep from chuckling out
loud while reading Harvey’s take on how to be a PI.  I remember enjoying
Goldberg’s previous novels, especially MY GUN HAS BULLETS, and this may even top
that for laughs.  The man on the cover illustration looks like a young Tim Daly,
who would perhaps be a good casting decision for the movie that is crying to be
made from this book.

Thank you, Maggie! She’s one of several critics who’ve noted that BADGE is the first in a series. It’s news to me — though perhaps Five Star is saying that it is. I certainly hope I have the opportunity to write more about Harvey but so far, nobody has asked…

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