Indulging My Inner Old Coot

Neil Diamond’s new 12 SONGS came out today — and it’s terrific, his best album since THE JAZZ SINGER. We always knew he still had at least one more great album left in him. We never lost faith. Not when he did the HEADING TO THE FUTURE video. Not when he sang about ET. Not even when he went country.  Way to go, Neil.

3 thoughts on “Indulging My Inner Old Coot”

  1. I can’t wait to hear this album. But you’ve got to admit, riding out that HEADING FOR THE FUTURE video was tough. To say nothing of SAVING SILVERMAN.

  2. Looked it up on Amazon. Won’t be getting it, though. It’s one of those copy-protected Sony CDs that puts a rootkit on your computer that hides so you can’t uninstall it. Link.
    And they wonder why the music industry is in trouble. I probably would have bought it.

  3. I’ve listened to parts of it. It has a very stripped down sound (at least by Neil Diamond standards). The guy who produced the later Johnny Cash records produced this one too.
    It’s okay. It’s one of those types of albums that critics like, as opposed to the listening public. Kind of like Springsteen’s acoustic albums. The songs are slow and aren’t as catchy as I would like.


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