Directing Is a Drag

Director Lee Tamahori ("Die Another Day," "Along Came a Spider") was arrested in Hollywood  for prostitution  and not simply because he’ll direct whatever dreck comes along if the paycheck is high enough. They’re saying he’s a a real whore.

According to law enforcement,
Tamahori was allegedly dressed in drag, approached an undercover
officer who was in his car, entered the vehicle and offered to perform
a sex act for money.

Defamer’s comments on the arrest were amusing.

After the assuredly harrowing experience of directing xXx: State of the Union,
even Orson Welles would rather swear off Hollywood’s dirty money, dig
out his mother’s best evening gown, and go looking for supplemental
income on Santa Monica Boulevard.

Hey, it could have been worse. Tamahori could have been arrested with Eddie Murphy or Hugh Grant in his mouth.


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  1. How is it possible that ‘The Smoking Gun’ hasn’t picked up this story yet?
    Ah well, they beat you on James Frey, at least ….


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