Mr. Monk and the Flattering Blog Post

Dunnyman’s Castle gave MR. MONK GOES TO THE FIREHOUSE a very flattering review. What he liked best about it was that it was written from Natalie’s POV:

… now this character makes more sense than ever. We know
she’s a widow, and that she has to work pretty hard to keep things
together for her and her daughter. What you don’t know from the show,
is how much of her own issues with losing her husband she sees
reflected in Monk’s own demons. It’s quite touching to see how she
reveals more and more of those troubles while relating to Monk’s own
issues in a way the Sharona Fleming character never could. (If the
decision to change characters was based solely on money, bad move guys,
if you had the Natalie character on the back burner and realized you
could do a lot more with her, then kudos on a job well done.) I
challenge anyone who flat out says that the Sharona character was
better to read this book, and see if you still feel that way.

I’m glad that readers have responded so warmly to Natalie’s voice in the book. That was the biggest risk I took.

2 thoughts on “Mr. Monk and the Flattering Blog Post”

  1. Love the book and couldn’t begin to itemize my reasons. It’s a great read from beginning to end so the following comment is NOT a criticism, just an observation. Natalie’s thoughts on the hunky firefighter feel not so much like what a woman thinks, but what a man thinks he would think if he was a woman. Having said this, I am still buying the next book the day it hits the shelves, just as I did with this one. I’m a Monkoholic and there’s no rehab available.


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