Eleven Original TV Show Openings & Their Reboots

Reboots of classic TV series are all the rage now. Here are the original main titles sequences of eleven popular series…and the opening themes of their re-imagined, re-booted, and sometimes regurgitated reincarnations.

Hawaii Five-O

Mission Impossible


Charlie’s Angels

Bionic Woman

The Munsters

Star Trek


Battlestar Galactica


Kung Fu

4 thoughts on “Eleven Original TV Show Openings & Their Reboots”

  1. There you go leaving out Enterprise again. 😉

    A note about the Next Generation theme – it was a remix of the spoken word beginning of the Original Series theme and the theme from Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

  2. I don’t know how you know all this, but it’s a bit amazing. It reminds me of all the great detail in John Le Carré’s superstar novel, “Smiley’s People.” Detail is gold: anybody can write generally about a story world but only the real experts can bring it to vibrating life with all their insights. I don’t understand why your main character in, say, a mystery series isn’t a TV critic, inside the world of TV, trying to document the great shows from the past. It’s a fit.

    • I’ve said everything I want to say about the TV biz. Not only that, I think what you are proposing would have a very narrow appeal.

  3. You can’t have said everything you want to say about the TV biz, Lee, you blog about it constantly, coming up with fresh ideas, new takes, criticisms, appreciations and comments on production. You watch almost every series on DVD, studying and thinking and commenting. That’s where you get your energy from. It’s You at your most authentic. What did you say in “The Heist” that you can’t say better, deeper, broader and sweeter in a TV story?

    As for appeal, you may be putting marketing considerations ahead of creative considerations. It’s a mistake to look at the market and ask, “What do they want?’ and then to try to write it. Some expert in the field will write it better. What they want is insight. Mary Higgins Clark delivered great insights into society in her early career, but they dried up and that’s why sales have fallen off. They don’t want just another mystery story. So what area are you best in? TVland. You’ve got the insights that will lead to the success. Why write fiction about subjects you’re not an expert on, you won’t have the insights.


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