Emmy Nominations Announced

For the most part, it’s all the same faces and all the same shows in the Emmy nods this year.  I was really hoping that BATTLESTAR GALACTICA would get the recognition it deserves…but the conservative Academy members just aren’t ready to embrace a genre show (as far as I know, BUFFY was largely ignored by the Academy, too). I’m sure it’s the name of the show that makes them cringe and the fact that there are space ships in it. A show with a name like "Battlestar" can’t possibly be worthy of an Emmy statuette for anything except special effects…right? And what about DEADWOOD?

The best drama nominations went to GREY’S ANATOMY, HOUSE, THE SOPRANOS, 24 and THE WEST WING. No surprises there (though they are certainly all deserving of the honor). But c’mon, is there some obscure Emmy rule that THE SOPRANOS and THE WEST WING have to be nominated every year? Those two shows have received accolades again and again… yes, we know they are great shows. It sure would be nice to shake things up a bit and acknowledge other great shows… like BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and DEADWOOD.

That said, I am thrilled to see my friends Terry Winter (SOPRANOS), Howard Gordon (24), and Matt Witten (HOUSE) up for statuettes and to see Tony Shalhoub getting another not for his  great work on MONK.


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  1. Oh, I totally agree. I would have loved to have seen ‘Deadwood’ receive a nomination for best drama. The show is simply brilliant, and the dialogue is unique, complex, and humorous in it’s own way. What other show on TV offers Lovejoy stabbing patrons at his very own bar? It’s a Gem.
    …but ’24’ is my big favorite, although I have a funny feeling that the nod will go to ‘The West Wing’

  2. Let’s not forget a great nod for Denis Leary — I don’t know if you’ve been watching RESCUE ME, but that show continues to get better and better with each season.

  3. Lee — so right about Buffy. Had some on the finest TV writing and acting ever.
    There were many highlights over seven years, but the episode which covered the death of Buffy’s mother was sensationally good. Gellar and Trachtenberg emoting their little hearts out.
    And for innovation, the episode were the whole cast was struck dumb. Brilliant.

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  5. If I’m not mistaken, I think ‘Deadwood’ was out of the running because they didn’t air any new episodes within the timeframe of the voting year, so they weren’t eligible.
    I read that somewhere this morning, but that article could have been wrong…..


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