Mr. Monk and the Rave

The folks over at The Monk Fun Page, the ultimate Monk fan site, have given my book MR. MONK GOES TO HAWAII a rave review.

Mr. Monk Goes to Hawaii is filled with inspired goofiness, rich characterizations, an intricate mystery and a lot of fun. You probably won’t want to put it down until it’s over and that’s way too soon.

[…] This one is also told from the perspective of Monk’s assistant Natalie
Teeger. In fact the author has settled so comfortably into her voice you almost
expect to see her name on the cover. This is the kinder, gentler Natalie she’s
grown to be on the show. This is the Natalie I’d like to spend more time with:
funny, strong, loving and vulnerable.

I was thrilled by the review, because I know how discriminating the folks at the Monk Fun Page are when it comes to anything "Monk."  So far, they only spotted one error…but what’s frustrating about it is that it’s a mistake that I know I corrected and yet it still, somehow, got through anyway. Oh well. 

If you’re a Monk fan, you really have to check out the Monk Fun Page...and I’m not just saying that because they’ve been so kind to me and my books. It’s filled with information, interviews, and background on all things Monk.


8 thoughts on “Mr. Monk and the Rave”

  1. Congrats!
    I hate when corrections get uncorrected. In one of my books, a character appears under two different names because the compositor screwed up the galley changes.

  2. So you did think you’d corrected the LAX to SFO situation. I skimmed the first few chapters of the book over the weekend to see if it had been fixed or not.
    In the big picture, it’s a minor detail.
    Can’t wait to get my own copy. Why can’t the signing be this weekend?

  3. We scheduled the signings on the 15th to make sure the bookstores had plenty of time to get their copies of my book and the episode guide. I’ve learned the hard way not to schedule signings too close to the release date.

  4. Who needs copies of a book at a book signing? Come on!
    (Just in case it doesn’t come across on screen, yes, that was totally intended as a joke. Heck, I wasn’t even really asking why the signing was scheduled sooner. Just whining in a joking manner.)

  5. Why do you hate Randy so? You give the other characters a chance to become more endearing in your books, and you make Randy our retarded little brother. Shame on you, man. Shame on you.


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