Extreme Make-Over for Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny just isn’t hip anymore. So he’s getting a make-over and becoming Buzz Bunny. The "reimagined" Bugs Bunny will have "laser beam eyes" and incredible martial arts skills… and will star with other "reimagined" cartoon charactersBugsoldnew (Daffy Duck will have "built in sonar")  in a new series called "Loonatics." The only only Loonatics are the execs at Warner Brothers animation who think anybody is clamoring for this abomination.

"The new series will have the same classic wit and wisdom, but we have
to do it more in line with what kids are talking about today," says
Sander Schwartz, president of Warner Bros. Animation. The plots are
action-oriented, filled with chases and fights. Each character
possesses a special crime-fighting power.Buzzbunny

Oh goodie, ’cause that’s what was missing from those classic cartoons. Special crimefighting powers.

What’s next, Minnie Mouse with huge breast
implants and bionic limbs? How about Woody Woodpecker with a Titanium
pecker and incredible mud wrestling skills? Maybe Popeye’s eye could really pop out and maye fly around the room and shoot rockets…and instead of eating Spinach, wouldn’t it be so hip if he snorted coke instead?

(You can read more about this  here, here and here.)

11 thoughts on “Extreme Make-Over for Bugs Bunny”

  1. “The new series will have the same classic wit and wisdom….” There was wisdom in the old cartoons? I thought it was just about ways to hit someone over the head with new objects.
    Mind you I’m not complaining. I loved Looney Toons. I just never considered them a source of wisdom.

  2. …but we have to do it more in line with what kids are talking about today…
    Sooooo, it’s gonna be about sex, violence and bling?

  3. Well, I am more than glad and thankful that I bought the complete Looney Tunes Golden Collection on DVD when I did. Now I can turn off the glass teat and watch classic cartoons without being bothered by some moron who thinks making a crayola mark on a masterpiece makes him brilliant and a genius.
    I know the late Chuck Jones once admitted that the original Looney Tunes were originally conceived for adults, but still, I don’t want to see Elmer Fudd having an overtly homosexual relationship, and hear cliched jokes about the size of his weapon.

  4. Are you off the wall! Classics are a classic for a reason. Come up with your own character and leave history alone. My kids are nine and four,they love The Bugs.Whats up doc?,not cartoon.

  5. Hi-I-Would-like-to-said-Loonatics-is-cool-shoW.I-like-it-a-lot-cause-I-love-the-Looney-Toons.It’s-so-cool-to-have-Tech-and-Rev-to-talk.I’m-so-sick-and-tired-to-herd-Road-Runner-said-beep-beep-and-Wilde-holdig-up-the-signs-for-him-to-talk.I-like-Lexi,ace,Tech-and-Rev.Rev-is-the-boom.


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