Farmers Market

I am having a bite at Farmers Market before attending a Writers Guild seminar. It looks like half the membership of the Screen Actors Guild is here…lots of charactor actors, has-beens (Steven Bauer, for example), and wanna-bes (what is it about some people that just screams ACTOR?) hanging around. I see a few that I’ve hired over the years but I don’t feel like saying hello. I am getting back to the crime novel I was writing before my last Monk book and am re-reading my work to get back in the groove…but I can feel the rust. The first few days of writing will be hard…. Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

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  1. Now I the East Coast, Farmer’s Market is still a place I miss. Do they still have the outdoor “wine bar” where you can watch folks boozing it up at 9am?


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