“Farscape” A Dud

Variety reports that SciFi may have been right to cancel FARSCAPE last season.

“Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars” tallied so-so ratings (1.9 million overall viewers) for the channel. Though the two-night event topped 18-49 rankings among basic cablers in its timeslot, the “Farscape” bow paled in comparison to recent Sci Fi original premieres “Stargate Atlantis” (4.2 million) and eighth-season launch of “Stargate SG-1” (3.2 million).

I wonder how it fared compared to the GROWING PAINS reunion the same night…?

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  1. Actually, the Growing Pains movie was the night before.
    Ratings may have been down, but the Sci-Fi Channel seems to have redeemed themselves with a lot of fans who are now very happy with how the series ends and are willing to let it go.
    Until it’s time for a big screen movie in 20 years.

  2. I haven’t seen it yet, it’s waiting on my Tivo. But I doubt SciFi’s motivation was to redeem themselves with a handful of teary-eyed fans or cared whether they ever got over the cancellation. The network is doing exceptionally well without FARSCAPE — far, far better than they performed with the show. They are drawing many more new viewers than any they may have lost by canceling FARSCAPE. And the fact only a mere 1.9 million tuned into the mini-series indicates there weren’t that many FARSCAPE fans — in TV audience terms — who wanted it back anyway. I’d be curious to see if there was a drop-off hour to hour and episode to episode over the two nights. Also, if I recall correctly, Henson went out and made the mini-series without SciFi commissioning it… he found financing elsewhere… so they probably got it for a steal.
    By the way, I count myself as a FARSCAPE fan. A lot of my friends worked on that show (Richard Manning, Carlton Eastlake, Naren Shankar etc.) and I never missed an episode… but I think the show actively discouraged new viewers, especially during the “two Chrichons” period… and with the “real” Scorpius and the one in Chrichton’s head.
    The show also became way, way too complicated and serialized for most viewers — especially ones who came into the show late in the run. The series couldn’t get traction with new viewers… and seemed to actively fight against it. The show itself also declined creatively, in my opinion. As the series went on, it lost its trademark humor and became overly melodramtic and maudlin, whiny and sanctimonious. SciFi was right to cancel the show. Again, I liked FARSCAPE… but I could see its many faults… and I wasn’t yearning for its return. Chricton even made it back home…the series was done.
    That said, I’ll try to catch up with the mini-series this weekend.

  3. I didn’t mean to imply that was why Sci-fi put it on, just that it was a nice by-product for them.
    I’ve never actually seen an episode, just know a few fans.


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