“The Shield” Gets Close

It used to be that movie stars wouldn’t slum in television…certainly not on a weekly drama series. Those days are long gone. James Spader, Gary Sinise, Sharon Stone, Rebecca DeMornay… those are just a few of the names that have shown up in episodic TV lately. The trend is picking up speed. Variety reports that Glenn Close is joining the regular cast of THE SHIELD.

Marking her first series regular role on primetime television, Glenn Close has joined the cast of FX cop drama “The Shield.” Thesp, who landed an Emmy nomination this year for her portrayal of Eleanor of Aquitaine in Showtime movie “The Lion in Winter,” will appear in every episode of the 13-seg fourth season. Production begins in January. Close will play Monica Rawling, the new captain of the Farmington precinct, who empowers Det. Vic Mackey (Michael Chiklis) to enforce her controversial community policies.

Could it be that stars have started noticing something viewers did a long time ago… that, by and large, TV shows are better written, produced and directed than most feature films these days? And not just on HBO, either…

2 thoughts on ““The Shield” Gets Close”

  1. I think they’ve just noticed that money earned on TV pays their bills as well. I mean, none of those you mention still has something like a career going on, have they? When was the last time any of them was hired for the big screen?

  2. I have to disagree with Kete to a certain extent. Glenn Close was most recently in THE STEPFORD WIVES with Nicole Kidman. Sure, the movie flopped but it was a major studio movie. Also, she has about two or three indie movies coming out including the new Merchant Ivory film.
    Rebecca De Mornay is in the upcoming LORDS OF DOGTOWN with Heath Ledger and was also recently in RAISE YOUR VOICE with Hilary Duff and IDENTITY with John Cusack.
    Gary Sinise was in THE FORGOTTEN with Julianne Moore and Sharon Stone is currently filming BASIC INSTINCT 2 and was last seen in CATWOMAN with Halle Berry.
    Yes, they are doing supporting roles in movies but they are still being hired. And everyone knows that character actors have better roles and longer careers. Look at Kathy Bates and Jon Voight who will continue to work until they are dead because they have talent and are dependable and don’t have to rely on looks or box office appeal.


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