Final Draft vs Movie Magic Screenwriter

Screenwriter Craig Mazin talks about why he’s abandoning Final Draft for Movie Magic Screenwriter. I’ve  used Movie Magic Screenwriter for at least five years and on four different TV series. I love it. I highly recommend it to everybody. The software is very easy to use, can create output files compatible with a slew of other programs, and the free tech support is terrific.

5 thoughts on “Final Draft vs Movie Magic Screenwriter”

  1. You and I have discussed this. There is simply no comparison between FD and MMS.
    MMS is hands down a better, more user-friendly program AND they have actual customer service.
    FD did a Bill Gates on Hollywood – giving a bunch of studios and networks free product for making their “official” screenwriting software. Bleh.

  2. Can MMS open an FD file, if the FD file has got page locking and revision colours all spreadeagled in that exciting “in production” kind of way? I have to use FD because it’s being used on a production of mine at the moment – if I switched to MMS now, would it cause them lots of hassle?

  3. James:
    A commenter at my site gave me this tip: simply cut n’ paste the document from the FD window into MMS, and the formatting works pretty damn well.
    However, if you’re in the middle of production, I wouldn’t recommend it. Wait until you’re done.

  4. I have been writing the start and idea of a TV sit-com. How much is needed to write before I send it to a producer? Will I need an agent and how would I get one if I do? It is very differant comedy/drama.I know it’s a winner. I love MONK by the way:o).


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