4 thoughts on “From the Goldberg Archive of Entertainment Industry Journalism”

  1. I’ve never heard of THE BRAVE, which you mention at the top. According to the reviews at IMDB, it’s a wonderful movie.
    As for Gregory MacDonald, I’ve always like what he said about living in a post-television society. That we’ve seen it all because of television, so the writer doesn’t have to spend paragraphs describing stuff. Good advice.

  2. Also, the Fletch movies blow. Talk about disappointing adaptations. The first Fletch book, to me, was a masterpiece and I imagined William Hurt or Jeff Bridges playing the lead.
    So they get Chevy Chase? Give me a break.

  3. I saw the movie first, and liked it better. I never really cared for the Fletch character in the book. Not very likable, and quite a misogynist.
    Fletch is basically a novel written by men for men, I think.


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