Fun in the Sun

Today the sun finally peeked out and I got to sense what  it feels like to be John Grisham…there must have been a dozen people around the pool and on the beach reading my MONK books. I pretended that  it was because I am so damn successful and not because there was a mystery conference going on and they all got their books for free from my publisher…

All of my panels over the last few days have been in the same conference room, so I'm assuming it's the hotel's designated Jew Room. I wouldn't be surprised if that was also where they hold all their Bar Mitzvah's. I'll have to ask Barry Eisler if all of his panels have been in there, too.

Since my family is here with me, I've been terrible about attending other panels, using the free time to take walks, swim, and break my diet. I've gained 360 pounds  since I got here.

Tonight they are screening and discussing the Monk episode based on my book "Mr. Monk Goes to the Fire house" so that should be fun.

Okay, I have to go, it's time to eat again.

(Pictured: Me getting some fan love from Barry Eisler)

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