3 thoughts on “Geekerati Radio Interview Avec Moi”

  1. Am really enjoying your comments, Lee, and your views on POD for non-fiction versus fiction writers, and POD for out-of-print books.
    Your comments on what you look for when you start to compose a Monk novel have something every writer can learn from. It’s clear you understand the writing process on a very explicit level.
    But what also comes through is your personality. You are simply an interesting and talented person, with loads of insights and a hilarious sense of humour. You could probably do a radio show once a week and be successful, or the Andy Rooney type bits for a news show, or a SNL running sketch from week to week.
    As well, I enjoyed the BlogTalkRadio format and the announcers. They should mention their names more often. What would be a dream broadcast for me, would be a video and audio broadcast of an actual writers’ room, where they are breaking the story and hashing out format and franchise.
    Anyway, the whole show was a success, and done on a webcast allowed me to take breaks when I wanted to without missing anything. It’s radio but better, and it’s particularly nice that the comments can be listened to again.

  2. Dan –
    Great minds must think alike as we are hashing out how to put together a writer’s roundtable of sorts. We’ll keep you posted.
    Or next show will be a tribute to comic book artist/illustrator Dave Stevens who created THE ROCKETEER. Please tune in, call in or join the chat room.


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