Getting off to See the Wizard

Dorothy rolling in the hay with the Scarecrow? C’mon, we all know they wanted to get naked together. That’s just one of the bizarre, fanfic couplings that Fleshbot has , um, uncovered on LiveJournal.


Dorothy looked quickly over her shoulder, but her
own movement against her hand caused to moan loudly again as her eyes
met the Scarecrow’s.

Without a conversation, or her needing to persuade him, he came over between her thighs and kissed her thoroughly.

was surprised to feel his cloth mouth feeling rather erotic on her
mouth, making her even more wet than she was before he walked in.

She grinded her hips against his straw structure, and even that felt right.

She looked up at him with frustrated eyes, "I want you inside me."

9 thoughts on “Getting off to See the Wizard”

  1. I note that Oz fanfic is perfectly legal, since the early Oz books are in the public domain.
    Doesn’t make it non-skeevy (especially considering Dorothy is oh, in the six-to-ten age range), but it’s got the whole non-infringing thing going for it, compared to, say, Home Improvement JTT-rotica.

  2. I could while away each minute,
    Trying to get innit,
    And dreaming up fanfic.
    And your stuff I’d be stuffin’.
    I could barely get enough in,
    If I only had a dick.

  3. To be fair, if you read the whole thing, it doesn’t seem to be taking itself very seriously. It looks more like a joke piece than a creepy one.
    I do slightly wonder how come his tongue is wet if he’s made of straw – wouldn’t there be mildew issues? perhaps he borrowed the Tin Man’s oilcan? – but it’s not as skeevy as it looks based on that extract. I think the author’s just having a laugh.

  4. That is wrong on so many levels, and
    definitely highlights the obsession many
    authors have with sex. Excuse me while I
    rinse my brain with bleach. It’ll take at
    LEAST that, to erase the image this little
    clip stuck in my head. YUCK!

  5. Jesus God.
    Just: “grinded”? That’s not a parody fanfiction. That’s someone who should never, ever write. Or who should stick to her native language.
    Scariest thing to me about fanficcers is when they claim it’s “the female contribution to literature”.
    If it is, just kill me now. And next time around, I’m coming back as a guy.


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