Publicists Who Can’t Publicize Themselves

I got this spam email not long ago from Brian Feinblum at Planned Television Arts, a PR firm (the typos are his):

I saw you and your books listed in a directory at this past weekend’s
Book Expo. The only mystery for mystery authors to solve is: How can you secure
effective publicity for your books? I am happy to say we have a solution. Planned Television Arts is the nation’s largest and oldest book promoters. As such we invite you to send info about your most recent or
upcoming book and we can customized a plan that world for you.

If their "customized plan" and PR savvy is anything like their customized emails, it’s a wonder they are still in business. Milton Kahn is another one. I got a spam email  from him recently. Here’s the first line:

I would
like to make you aware of my public relations company as I feel I could be a
perfect fit in helping you promote and publicize your current or upcoming book
on a national level.

What a grabber, huh? If that’s his idea of a compelling lead, imagine what he could do for me! My check is in the mail, Milt.

1 thought on “Publicists Who Can’t Publicize Themselves”

  1. I got one of those emails.
    Here’s the funny part.
    My publisher never went to the BEA or listed books there.
    And he was out of business when I got the email.
    That’s a neat trick, listing an out-of-print book from a defunct publisher at the BEA.


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