Goodbye to Gilmore Girls

Word has hit the trades that GILMORE GIRLS writer/creator/showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband Dan are leaving the show.

"Despite our best efforts to return and ensure the future of Gilmore Girls
for years to come, we were unable to reach an agreement with the studio
and are therefore leaving when our contracts expire at the end of this
season," said Amy and Dan in a statement. "Our heartfelt thanks go out
to our amazing cast, hard-working crew and loyal fans. We know that the
story lines from this season will continue into the next, and that the
integrity of the show will remain long after we leave Stars Hollow."

According to a statement released by Warner Bros., "While we are
disappointed that Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino have decided
not to stay with the show next season, we are very confident that Dave
Rosenthal, an experienced writer/producer with the show, will make the
transition seamless moving into the seventh year of Gilmore Girls.
We want to thank Amy for creating and nurturing this wonderful series
for the past six years and giving us one of the most memorable
mother/daughter relationships in television history."

17 thoughts on “Goodbye to Gilmore Girls”

  1. WB needs to get electroshock therapy if they think they can replace the intelligence and humour of the Palladino’s on Gilmore Girls. I am always amazed at the level of stupidity that abounds, especially in tvland. Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged should be required reading so that we are made aware that medicrity is running the show and brilliance must go underground. I love the Gilmore Girls but at least this gives us a chance to prep for it’s end this season. The individual making this decision should be fired

  2. I have watched this season’s two shows and am unimpressed. It is obvious that the old writers are gone along with their quick wit and dialogue. I think I am going to have to give up my Gilmore addiction…

  3. The first two episodes of the Fall 2006 season reflect , only too well, the absence of the Palladinos. Too bad– the characters remain, but have been lobotomized!

  4. Season seven is a big disappointment. The dialgue is boring and the characters are not themselves. Without the Palladinos it looks like the Gilmour Girls have “jumped the shark”.

  5. I ask myself if I think this season is different because I knew that the original writer is gone, or because it really is noticeably different. After some of their lines, I keep thinking to myself: “This is not right”.

  6. I thought something was completely different this season and just was not as good in any way. Something seemed really off. I did Not know that the writing had changed until today. But, I suspected something was very different than all the other seasons. I agree it is Extremely Disappointing and not very good. I think they must do whatever they can to convince the original writers to finish this season or this show will be doomed. And, that will be a shame. It was some of the best writing on TV until now.

  7. I think some people are entirely too picky! I may not like the current storylines in season 7, but the writing is still good, there don’t seem to be as many fast-paced dialogue scenes, but the plot doesn’t really allow for that. I think the current writers are doing a great job in stepping into the Palladino’s shoes, certainly a daunting task. 🙂

  8. Frustrations and disappointment about Gilmore Girls
    It was a sad day when I realized there was trouble in Starr’s Hollow. The writer and producer of Gilmore Girls, Amy Sherman-Palladino, had resigned and a man, Dave Rosenthal, had taken her place! Although her husband Dan had been a part of writing the episodes, it is clear that no woman is in sight now. Amy had a fast-paced sense of humor, mocking and including multiple references to pop culture and anything else she could think of, proving that TV audiences aren’t completly brain-dead. This show had a large following of women viewers.
    In the show, Lorelai Gilmore plays a mom who has never had a permanent relationship with a man. In this season, she got married within two months. It was just before this episode that I got suspicous. Then I read a confirming article in the NYTimes. She never would have gotten married if Amy was still writing. Apparently the new writer seems to think that Lorelai’s quirky sense of humor means she does things on a whim. We all know that if Lorelai didn’t marry Luke when she had the chance (it lasted all season) since she and her daugher Rory were not speaking and she wanted to wait until they reconciled, she never would have eloped in Paris, since Rory wasn’t there – She didn’t even tell her! That’s when I stopped watching the show. In my mind, the show is over, although I’m still feeling whistful on Tuesday nights.
    When the audience gets what they want – Lorelai married, then there’s nothing left. Her never quite finding a permanent love-relationship was what made her a universal character, longing, lovely and deserving, but never getting what she wants. We identified with her because she wasn’t perfect and she made mistakes and she suffered, despite the fact that she was georgeous and really smart. Furthermore, she isn’t the Lorelai that we all love. She’s lost about 75 IQ points. She would never repeat a joke and now she does it several times an episode and they aren’t even good jokes! What was Warner Brothers thinking?
    Here’s hoping Amy and her husband create another equally charming, engaging and funny show!

  9. christonper and lorelai shouldnt be married .. luke and lorelai should be married THE NEW WRITER OF THIS SHOW SUCKS and i know alot of people who have stopped watching after the new writters took over… unfortunately i am a HUGE fan of the gilmore girls so i am watching it till the end HOPEFULLY they will finish the show the way it should be finished … with lorelai and luke together if not i wasted money on the seasons that i bought.

  10. why!!!! I wanted to see where rory ended up working. I wanted to see if luke and lorelai got married for real this time. I wnted to see if logan got married to another girl like dean did to rory, and came back for her!! There are so many unanswered questions, just waiting to be revealed in season 7+8!!!I just hope that at the very least, the series finale is 2 hours long! If it’s not, i just might as well die!!

  11. I think that there should be a movie to tie up all the loose ends in the 7th season. Like do Luke and Lorelai get married? Do they decide to have children? Does Rory end up with Logan again or perhaps Jess? Does she get a different job? I need answers and I think a movie would sum everything up nicely.

  12. Gilmore Girls has been difficult to explain as an addiction. At times catch one more reference when watching a re-Run. Running down a writer who has managed to keep the show floating for as long as it has, is pitiful.
    If you can do better, WRITE!!!
    Am very grateful to the Joy and Laughter provided by this program during a long extended recovery from serious illness.
    Four O’clock found me excited to Be Still and Distracted with Intelligent Wit and Talent capable of playing the lines in order for the Writer to actually bring words to Life.
    Sincerely Grateful


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