Greetings from the Cell Block

Now I’m getting mail from convicts and I don’t even have hooters. This particular convict is looking for an agent for his autobiography. I’m a writer, not an agent, so I’m not sure why he picked me for his two, lengthy email. Here’s an excerpt:

The Last Hardrock is an insightful
chronicle of one man’s journeys from the streets of East New
York, Brooklyn to behind the walls of New
York State Correctional Facilities with a candid and compelling look at prison
life in the form of letters from one convict to another. It takes you on a trip into the minds of our
street warriors while simplifying the brutal truths about prison life with
stories filled with personal struggles, gossip, love and rage…

I have for the past 10 years served
a sentence for a felony conviction…
my experiences include a tour in Germany, with the US Army where I served as a combat medic, New York City Golden Gloves Boxer,
connoisseur of the Hip-Hop culture and student of life…

My manuscript will only be available
to one agent at a time, so if you are interested, please contact me

If you’re interested, the line forms to the left.


3 thoughts on “Greetings from the Cell Block”

  1. I don’t know, Lee. This could turn out to be the one that got away. Who wouldn’t want a piece of this guy’s earnings? Your career as an agent could be over before it even starts.

  2. Why wouldn’t I write you…you have your thing together and are getting some bread doing what you do.I just figured that you could at this point wear two hats,I am a writer/publisher/publicist/distributor…doing it all myself because as a convicted felon no one wants to see me win.You could be the best agent in the business for all I know…it is all about who you talk to you know that!A deal is a deal the only thing that ever matters is who is pitchin’ to who.


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