No Brainer

Paramount has signed CSI Creator Anthony Zuiker to another eight-figure, three-year deal. Is this a surprise to anyone? The only morsel of news in this is the acknowledgement from CBS chief Les Moonves that they aren’t planning to do a fourth version of CSI.

Moonves said he doubts Zuiker will create another edition of "CSI," and instead
will likely focus on creating a new series. "I don’t think we should push the
envelope" with a fourth "CSI," exec said.

That’s a shame, because I was really looking forward to CSI: SPOKANE.

5 thoughts on “No Brainer”

  1. I think I’d heard at one point they wanted to set a fourth version of CSI in New Oreleans. I wonder how much Katrina has to do with the decision to not go forward.
    Of course, I know that CSI:NY isn’t doing as well as the others either, so that might have more to do with it then anything else.

  2. CSI:Down Under
    They can all wear funny hats, Paul Hogan can have a walk-on (just so people can see if he’s still alive) and the perp in the first episode could be Mark “Jacko” Jackson.
    There are also a lot of sharks down here, which might be of use.


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