Gunsmoke to ride again

CBS Films is developing a theatrical version of GUNSMOKE, and they’ve hired Gregory Poirier, screenwriter of NATIONAL TREASURE: BOOK OF SECRETS to write it:

The action-adventure will re-imagine Marshal Matt Dillon, the hero of the classic Western, for modern audiences. The story will be set in the same American West as the original but will feature a contemporary look and modern action twists.
Poirier is said to be close to completing a first draft of the script.

(Thanks to Thierry Attard for the heads-up.)

5 thoughts on “Gunsmoke to ride again”

  1. Nothing would make me happier than for Matt Dillon to play the lead (and I cannot believe no one suggested that before now!)
    Anyway, this is one case in which no one can say that only the original star could play the role–given that the producers had been all set to cast Denver Pyle before James Arness showed up to audition, and before that the role had been played on radio by William Conrad, who got the part only after Michael Rye and Howard Culver had recorded pilots, and John Dehner had turned it down.

  2. you don’t need to re imagine something that is already good. don’t mess with the formula.. recast it..and run with it…the radio scripts still hold up well…as do the televison scripts.. my opinion is..if you won’t do it right..don’t do it.


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