I’m Going Kindle Crazy

51vjPQRqm5L._SS500_ I've just posted another old, out-of-print book of mine on the Amazon Kindle Store…my 1991 paperback Unsold TV Pilots: The Greatest Shows You Never Saw, which was the basis for the hour-long ABC special "The Best TV Shows That Never Were" and the hour-long CBS special "The Greatest Shows You Never Saw. It is now available in a special $2.49 Kindle edition. Here's the book jacket copy:

“The Best Bathroom Reading EVER," – San Francisco Chronicle

"A must-browse for media freaks.” —USA Today

“Irresistible and enthralling.” —Hartford Courant

“Full of fool’s gold and genuine TV treasures.” —The New York Post

This lively and entertaining book looks at the three hundred best and worst TV series ideas—known in the industry as "pilots"—that never made it to primetime. From the adventures of a Samurai D.A. to the antics of an invisible alien baby, Lee Goldberg details the greatest shows you never saw.

The paperback was originally published by Carol & Company and was an abridgment of my fat hardcover  "Unsold Television Pilots 1955-1989," which contained over 2000 pilots. Maybe some day I'll get around to making that big book into a Kindle edition, too.

2 thoughts on “I’m Going Kindle Crazy”

  1. Hey Lee-
    Do you mention ESCAPE with Christopher George in this? If I remember correctly, it pre-dated Bill Bixby’s THE MAGICIAN by at least a year, maybe two. George played an illusionist/escape artist who helped/saved/rescued people in trouble. I clearly remember it; wouldn’t it be nice if someone released all the ABC MOVE OF THE WEEKs on DVD?

  2. Yes, I believe ESCAPE is one of the 300 pilots covered in this book. It’s certainly in the unabridged book.


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