Gunsmoke Novel

Gunsmokebook_I devoured Joseph West’s new GUNSMOKE tie-in today. It wasn’t just
a great TV tie-in…it was a great western that stood tall on its own. Not only did
West capture the characters and tone of the series perfectly, he went much
deeper, adding vivid details about life in Dodge and the politics of the job. There was
also some wonderful prose… particularly when it came to describing the
landscape and frontier life.  If you’re a fan of the series (as I am), or are just a-itchin’ for a good read, grab yerself a copy of this rip-snortin’ tale lickety split (aren’t you glad I’m not writing westerns?)

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  1. I liked the story myself Been a big fan of Gunsmoke since I was a little Tike and use to sneek out from my bedroom to watch the show with my Mom and Dad. The book brought back many Memorys of watching the show I could almost picture watching this with all those great Actors on the show.
    I Hope Mr. West write many more storys. Maybe even go back to the Early Days of Matt in Dodge and fill in the Early years of Mr. Dillions years before he became the Greatest Lawman in the History of the Old West.


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