Half-A-Billion Bond

Nikki Finke reports that CASINO ROYALE has become the biggest grossing Bond film ever, earning more than half-a-billion dollars worldwide ($100 million more than DIE ANOTHER DAY, the previous record holder).

As of Sunday, the new Bond’s estimate is $553.3 mil globally  (int’l $390.7 mil and domestic $162.5 mil). The studio expects Casino Royale to end up with as much as $575 mil theatrically worldwide.

I wonder how all those irate fans (the 007 equivalent of the Colonial Fan Force) who spent months whining all over the web about "the blond Bond," castigating Daniel Craig’s performance (sight unseen), and delighting in his on-set injuries (he broke some teeth in a fight scene) are dealing with this news. 

6 thoughts on “Half-A-Billion Bond”

  1. I loved the new Bond, and I had faith on it early one.
    But, let’s not talk about Box Office Gross being an indicator of quality. Lest we forget, also in that article was a mention of the second highest-grossing Bond film: Die Another Day.
    The Anti-Blond Bonders will rest their case with that, though I can’t imagine there are many of them left.

  2. It was announced last week that Daniel Craig’s performance in Casino Royale has won him a place on the shortlist for the British Film Academy’s Best Actor Award.
    Imagine what he might have achieved if there hadn’t been a boycott.


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