Race Track Romance

HelenKay Dimon reports that Harlequin is releasing a line of  NASCAR-themed romance novels in February for women who get hot thinking about race car drivers.

The introductory titles are by Gina Wilkins, Nancy Warren, Debra Webb
and Roxanne St. Clair. The series will consist of four titles every
three months (release dates in February, May, August and November). For
the mathematically challenged – and you know who you are – that’s
sixteen NASCAR titles a year. As I’ve said before, those are likely
sixteen titles per year I won’t read.

Just imagine all the inventive racing metaphors for sex we’re going to see…and clever uses of the words "stick shift."

Forget NASCAR.  I’m waiting for Harlequin to launch the Home & Garden Channel line of romances, where women fall madly in love with hunky guys who never tire of visiting open houses and remodeling homes. My wife will be first in line to buy them.

7 thoughts on “Race Track Romance”

  1. >My wife will be first in line to buy them.
    And I’d be waiting right behind her. Good thing I can only watch that channel on business trips and vacation (we don’t get it at home), or else I’d be glued to the tube 24/7 and never get anything written.

  2. LMAO! I never got the sexual appeal of “nascar drivers” I mean that hick accent alone on a man is enough to make me run. (says the southern chick)
    I might read it to count the “stick shift” references though. Good times.

  3. I am waiting for Harlequin to do a series about chicks and chess masters, with a feminist twist because a chick IS a chess grand master, who, alas, falls in love with a computer.

  4. There’s totally a remodeling genre, though nobody has ever named it that.
    Girl/woman goes through bad thing in big city (some trauma, usually bad relationship)
    Girl/woman returns home to beautiful, shambling family home that has a Dark Secret in order Rebuild Her Life (House is metaphor for life)
    Meet-cute with dark, brooding contractor or neighbor who helps girl solve mystery and fix house while he wears tight jeans.
    Then there’s lots of hot sex in there, too. In Nora Roberts’s version has serial killers in it.


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