Han Solo, PI

This clip is all over the net today…and for good reason. It's a riff on the MAGNUM PI main title sequence…only with Harrison Ford as Han Solo. I'm almost ashamed to admit how much I liked this.

UPDATE: This side-by-side comparison between the HAN SOLO PI tribute and the original MAGNUM PI titles shows just how faithful, shot-for-shot, this homage really is.

7 thoughts on “Han Solo, PI”

  1. Taking the film clips out of context changes the context of the film clips.
    There’s your Hollywood Zen thought for the day.

  2. A little ironic when you consider that Tom Selleck was originally cast as Indiana Jones but had to drop out because of his contract for Magnum.

  3. That’s right, Rob. My wife and I talk about that sometimes. Would it have changed the movie to have Tom in instead of Harrison. It seems like Tom’s “softer” look would have taken some of the edge off Indy.
    Now I’ll have to get “High Road to China” and compare …


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