I spent the morning at the Paperback Collectors Show and spent about $75 on a grocery bag full of vintage paperbacks… among mybargain finds, all in good to fine condition:

THE PERFECT VICTIM by James McKimmey (for a buck!)
SQUEEZE PLAY by James McKimmey (also for a buck!)
STOLEN WOMAN by Wade Miller ($2.95!)
THE KILLER by Wade Miller ($2.95!)
DEVIL MAY CARE by Wade Miller (a buck!)
KISS HER GOODBYE by Wade Miller (a buck!)
WHIP HAND by W. Franklin Sanders (Charles Willeford — $30)
KILLER IN TOWN by Clifton Adams (a buck!)
TIL IT HURTS by Nick Quarry (Marv Albert… $8)
NO CHANCE IN HELL by Nick Quarry (Marv Albert $10)
THE REFORMED GUN by Marv Albert ($8)
THE BOUNTY KILLER by Marv Albert (a buck!)
THE MIDNIGHT SISTER by Marv Albert ($6)
STRANGERS ON FRIDAY by Harry Whittington ($6)
LUST FOR LOVE by Harry Whittington ($4)
SADDLE THE STORM by Harry Whittington ($2)
ROUTE OF THE RED GOLD by Dan J. Marlowe ($1)
DESPERADO by Clifton Adams ($1)

3 thoughts on “Heaven!”

  1. While I hate to see the demise of independent bookstores I love it at the same time because I can get such good deals on books. A local indie, for example, meet with its ending earlier this year and I cleaned up. The stack on the headboard of the bed is so precarious presently I have to read more each night to get it back to safety margins.


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