Signings A-Go-Go

Today I had signings at Mysteries to Die For in Thousand Oaks and at the Mystery Bookstore in Westwood….and I landed both those gigs because I was with a young, attractive,  female author named Madison Goldberg. Without her, I doubt I would have wrangled the invites.

At the Mystery Bookstore, Maddie and I signed with my good friend Jerrilyn Farmer, who’s new book FLAMING LUAU OF DEATH has just been released.  Of course, Maddie out-sold both of us  combined. It helps to be young and single.P1010627

Naturally, the whispers  among all of us authors (Jerrilyn, Gary Phillips, Tom Nolan, Gayle Lynds, and Bob Levinson, to name a few) revolved around the notable absense of proprietor Sheldon MacArthur. The latest news, depending on who you talk to, is that he’s retired and is moving up north to either start a mystery-themed magazine,  a mail-order bookstore or a nudist colony for remaindered crime writers.  Whatever his new endeavor might be, we all wish him well.

After the signing, Maddie and I went up the street to visit my old pal Paul Jackson, a prolific TV writer who has opened a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory outlet on Broxton Avenue as a sideline.  Business was booming when we were there… it was probably thanks to my daughter . Now that Maddie has annointed it with her patronage, all her groupies will start going there. Show your WGA card  if you visit his store and maybe Paul will give you free sample. It worked for me.

3 thoughts on “Signings A-Go-Go”

  1. You know, she sells better, but her books are cheaper. If you gave yours away, you couldn’t keep them on the shelves. 🙂
    Seriously, sorry I was late and had fun as always.

  2. I heard the same rumor about Shelly you did a week and a half ago. Just posted about it, too.
    (Who says I’m not above platant self promotion?)


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