Hello Again

Sorry I have been scarce around here lately — I’ve just been too busy to post.

I’m back in Cologne after five days in the tiny village of Lohr, where I taught my fourth "Writers Room" seminar in Germany and researched my next MONK novel. I think it went well — I certainly had a good time.

While I was in Lohr, I screened the rough cut of FAST TRACK for the students (all writer/producers in Germany) and got some valuable feedback. I stayed in touch with the post-production department and, thanks to the wonders of high-speed internet, was able to fine-tune a "teaser trailer" for our international sales department, watch a few fx shots, and review the "audition scenes" submitted by four different composers who would like to do our score. On Sunday night, I found three hours for a walking tour of Lohr with a very knowledgeable woman from the historical society.

As if all that wasn’t enough to deprive me of sleep, the galleys for MR. MONK IN OUTER SPACE arrived while I was there and I have begun proofing the manuscript, which has to be back in NY at the end of the week in order to make the Oct. 30 pub date.

Early tomorrow morning, I’m making a few last minute tweaks to the FAST TRACK cut before the network execs arrive from Munich to see it. I’m crossing my fingers that they will like it!

Okay, time to go back to the galleys. I’ll report back soon.

(Why is it that Internet access is free in cheap hotels and costs a fortune in expensive hotels? And did you know that the McDonalds in Germany serve Grilled Shrimp Sandwiches and profiterolles?)

7 thoughts on “Hello Again”

  1. Grilled Shrimp Sandwiches and profiterolles? Huh. Last time I was in a German McDonalds was 1989. The only out-of-the-ordinary item they had on the menu then was beer. Tucher, in cans (the only place I ever saw beer served in cans in Germany).

  2. Now that you know the lore of Lohr, I’d love to see some pics. There’s this newfangled thingy called a “digital camera.” Seriously, love your photos whenever you post them. Thanks! Sorry you weren’t at TFest this year, we’d all love to hear about your European Working Vacation.

  3. re: internet access
    For the same reason the price of a glass of soda at a nice restaurant is 3x the same glass of soda at McDonalds.
    Because you’re already there.
    Because what are you gonna do about it?
    Because they figure you can afford it.
    I mean, honestly… they can charge more for the food because the chef might be more talented or the ingredients more choice… but a Pepsi for $3.00? With no refills? Holy crap.

  4. I have had the same issue about Internet service in hotels. Before I quit my job as a travel editor, I planned to write a piece about it for the newspaper, because it’s just so odd…free Internet at La Quinta Inn off the highway in Sacramento, but you have to pay $10 a day at Embassy Suites in Tahoe. No sense to it.

  5. Your mentioning of the new Monk book reminded me of something. I have been looking for Mr. Monk and the Two Assistants locally (the Toronto area, Ontario, Canada). The Indigo/Chapters web-site lists the book’s release date as June 25 but, as of today, none of their stores within a 100km have the book in stock. That includes their warehouse store (“The World’s Biggest Bookstore”) in Toronto. I will end up buying it on-line, but I find it kinda sad that, in Ontario, if you haven’t heard of it you’re never going to see it.


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