Help Wanted: Humans Only, Please

Today, I received this email from Wayne Manzo

I would like to produce a weekly investigative news program based on my
research and web magazines.

The show will be investigative news but
from a different angle__that we humans are living with ET and it is the
aliens that are controlling our human reality.

I need humans who are
interested in getting involved in the pre-production logistics of this
type of program.

Contact me in interested.

Since he’s interested only in working with humans and I am Glarp, alien recon-leader from the planet Glorp, I didn’t reply.

4 thoughts on “Help Wanted: Humans Only, Please”

  1. Dirt Joe,
    Bill Rabkin and I weren’t fired from DM. We were asked to stay by Viacom & Fred Silverman but, as much as we loved the show, opted instead to accept an offer from Les Moonves to take-over MARTIAL LAW. After writing/producing DM for several years and over 100 episodes, we were ready for something new. That said, I love writing the books and have a contract for eight of’em (and if they continue to sell as well as they are now, it’s likely I’ll do more).


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