Jag Rag

I received this email today. I’d reply, but I have no idea what she’s asking or why she’s asking me.

Yes, we have heard that tonight is the last night for the program of JAG, with Harmon Rabb and the other characters.  And we’d like to know what’s what with that program.  And if so, we want to make sure that we’re home to see it. For we have really enjoyed that show and wished that Harmon and
Mac could have gotten married or at least could have had that baby that they had talked about in the show.  But I guess that never happened.  My email address is:

4 thoughts on “Jag Rag”

  1. She’s asking if Mac and Harm get together and saying she thought it should have happend a couple seasons ago. She’s asking you because…. Give me a break. Answers are tough on a Friday afternoon.

  2. I’m not sure what this question has to do with JAG, but no, we weren’t fired from DM. We were asked to stay by Viacom & Fred Silverman and, as much as we loved the show, but opted instead to accept an offer from Les Moonves to take-over MARTIAL LAW. After writing/producing DM for several years and over 100 episodes, we were ready for something new. That said, I love writing the books and have a contract for eight of’em (and if they continue to sell as well as they are now, it’s likely I’ll do more).


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