Hinckley Wants Some Action

The LA Times reports that John Hinckley would like to get laid.

Asst. U.S. Atty. Thomas Zeno said Hinckley "wants to have intimate contact. His
parents want him to date, his father wants him to get married."

Hinckley’s desires, along with his thwarted efforts to woo women, were revealed
during a federal court hearing into his bid for visits to his parents’ Virginia
home, a three-hour drive from the Washington hospital where he has spent more
than two decades since shooting Reagan and four other people. Hinckley was found
not guilty by reason of insanity in 1982.

I see the makings of a WB reality show in this, don’t you?  Imagine what his feeble efforts to "woo women" must be like.

"Hey babe, I shot the President and live in an insane asylum. Would you like to blow me?"


"You’re a dead ringer for Jodie Foster. Has anyone ever told you that?"


"Want to come to back to my place and see my straight jacket?"

I’m going to call my agent and start setting up some pitch meetings.

3 thoughts on “Hinckley Wants Some Action”

  1. I say let’s get some other psycho-shitheads involved, like J.W. Bobbitt. Then get one pretty girl to choose among them after spending time with them. I recommend Winona Ryder as the pretty girl.


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