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  1. Time Tunnel was a classic cheat show. At the end of every episode, just as Doug and Tony were about to go down on the Titanic or get slaughtered at the Alamo, Lee Meriwether and John Zaremba would twiddle some dials and whisk our time travelling boys off into another crappy adventure that almost invariably was set in some past era where plenty of stock historical footage could be recycled or into some absurd future sets with Michael Ansara and Del Monroe wrapped in tin foil. The fact that much was promised and nothing ever happened turned out to be a lesson in disillusionment for nine-year-olds everywhere.

  2. True, but BG’s demise had more to do with how expensive it was to produce the damn thing in 1979 (not that the original doesn’t ooze with cheese, but it jiggled. That’s all TV needed back then.)
    Not so sure about TIME TUNNEL. I don’t see TIME TUNNEL conventions or fanfic (Sorry. Had to be said.) or myriads of web sites devoted to continuing TIME TUNNEL.
    If I had to pick a short-lived series for SciFi to revive, maybe UFO? Great concept, lousy execution, so bad it’s good.
    But then the new BG is about the only show on SciFi I watch. My scripted series viewing is limited to THE WIRE and DEADWOOD. (Probably should be watching one of the L&O shows again, but haven’t had time.)

  3. I actually got to see the un-aired pilot and was pleasently surprised. There was some good humour, they had updated the technology and the story line to where bad things COULD happen, and the Earth ACTUALLY was affected by the time tunnel. If they decide to follow this “formula”, I could watch it. It could be done extremely well, but would be extremely easy to mess up.
    I’m always wary about time travelling shows though…

  4. Ok, so what was the show about two brothers who had some hand held devise to travel in time. For some reason, this post made me think of that show, and now it’s driving me crazy.

  5. From what I remember (it was a couple of years ago) the cast was fairly unknown, and no one really jumped out at me that I recognized.
    What I thought was interesting, was that Earth had subtle changes throughout the show (i.e. Red was go and green was stop on traffic lights, states and capitals were slightly altered etc.) These changes were done pretty good, so it felt fairly real.
    The concept had changed ALOT, and for the better I think, the Earth was messed up from some mistake, and these soldiers and scientists were the only ones who remembered how things were before the accident.
    I felt that having an “Alternate Earth” was a good thing, as it left the storyline open and they “could” fail their missions, not having to follow Quantum leap-esque stories.


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