Homage or Rip-off?

For_your_eyes_only Posterwire notes the similarity between the posters for THE Transporter_2TRANSPORTER  2 and FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. It’s sad commentary on movies today that the poster for a cutting-edge, French action movie is actually tamer than a 20-year-poster for a geriatric Roger Moore 007 film…

I used to have the original pre-release FOR YOUR EYES ONLY poster, in which Bond is facing the woman and shooting at her, but it was destroyed in the Northridge earthquake, ripped by the broken glass from the shattered frame.

11 thoughts on “Homage or Rip-off?”

  1. Did you see THE TRANSPORTER? It was French, I’ll give you that much, but cutting-edge? It looked to me like Luc Besson recycling everything he’d already recycled.
    And this is the sequel.

  2. I probably would have liked it if I hadn’t seen LA FEMME NIKITA, LEON, and THE FIFTH ELEMENT not too long beforehand.
    Has Luc Besson ever made a movie where a girl doesn’t crawl through ductwork?


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