Hot Sex and Gory Violence

Graham at My Boog Pages has unearthed my sleazy past of Hot Sex and Gory Violence,  which I wrote about in Newsweek.

[The article]  detailed Lee’s work on a timelessly classic men’s adventure series, .357 Vigilante." I’d only read a few lines when I was shocked to realize that I had read this piece when it came out.  21 years ago.


was a big fan of the Mack Bolan, "The Executioner" series back then,
and when I stumbled across the article in a doctor’s office waiting
room I read it. At that time Lee was a disaffected college student who,
instead of partying or dating, spent his time writing about a man with
a large, loaded, concealed weapon.

At the time, I liked to think of myself as a man with a large, loaded, concealed weapon. Sometimes I still do.

2 thoughts on “Hot Sex and Gory Violence”

  1. There’s the title for your next orignal book. LARGE, LOADED WEAPON. You could recycle the cover from BEYOND THE BEYOND (which I found in the library last week, btw. Surprised the Hamilton County Sheriff didn’t confiscate. [See PEOPLE VS. LARRY FLYNT for why.])

  2. Funny this comes so soon after your Spenser post, because the “large, loaded” thing I ripped of directly from one of Avery Brooks’ lines.


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