How Long Until This Story Shows Up On One of the Three CSIs?

A  dominatrix is being prosecuted for dismembering a client and disposing of his body — rather than report to police that he’d died of a heart attack while tied to the medieval rack in her suburban condo.  The only problem is, the police don’t have a body or any DNA evidence to prove their case. 

…in her opening statement, the woman’s lawyer said the man never visited
Barbara Asher’s makeshift dungeon and that police made up the story and bullied
Asher into confessing.

"No body, no blood, no DNA evidence," defense attorney Stephanie Page said.
"Barbara Asher is here because of a theory."

Asher, who went by the name Mistress Lauren M, has pleaded innocent to
charges of manslaughter and dismemberment in the death of Michael Lord, a
retired telephone company worker from North Hampton, N.H

(Thanks to Patrick Hynes for the heads-up)

2 thoughts on “How Long Until This Story Shows Up On One of the Three CSIs?”

  1. My guess is that it would depend on how long it takes for Melinda Clarke (Lady Heather) to get some time off from The O.C.
    More Mindy works for me – Mark

  2. If this was a plot in a CSI or Law & Order, everyone would say “No way…this wouldn’t really happen.”
    It’s funny how, as an audience, we insist that fiction make sense, when real life very rarely does.


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