6 thoughts on “Inside the Monk Writers Room”

  1. warning: if you haven’t yet seen “Mr. Monk and the Fashion Show” there’s a spoiler here….
    I saw the episode in question and I have this advice to offer:
    If you’ve cast Malcolm McDowell, it’s no longer a whodunnit. We know who dunnit. MALCOLM MCFREAKINDOWELL!

  2. Monk is not a who done it. 15 minutes in, Monk tells us who did it. It’s a matter of figuring out how that person done it and breaking the perfect alibi.

  3. Whoever is writing the part with “””Randy””” is going to ruin the show. The character is so dumb. How can he ever be on the detective team? if the show is to be believable. His(Randy) postion on the team is so absurd it is nauseating and unbelievable.
    Monk is my favorite show, but do everyone a favor and eliminate the Randy character……

  4. I love the show so much, well, I wrote an episode entitled, “Mr. Monk Meets the Magicians.” Please, if someone could direct my information to the appropriate department, it would mean a lot to me and it would help this story see the light of day.

  5. i LOVE monk, its fresh and cleaver the writers and actors have shown quality matireal through out the seasons its a sham its coming to an end
    it be awesome if they made a movie to end the series


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