How to Write Like a Porn Star

I laughed out loud reading Steve Almond’s review of Jenna Jameson’s new book “How To Make Love Like a Porn Star” at the online magazine The Nerve. Here’s an excerpt from her book and the review:

“At one show, when a guy threw a penny at me, I kicked him in the throat with my heel. I got in constant fights with local dancers — I even hocked a loogie in one girl’s face — and had guys thrown out of the club on a nightly basis. If some asshole dared to touch me, I’d reward him with a backhand to the skull. I was out of control. It was awesome.”
Take that, Condi Rice.
Those who are concerned about reading 579 pages of such prose should take heart. There are a lot of photos. In most, Jameson is naked from the waist up. Her breasts are the approximate size, shape, and elasticity of her head.

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  1. She was recently profiled in the Independent by freelancer-to-the-stars Vanessa Grigoriadis…and it looks like Jenna’s a happily married young woman desperate to start a family…but oh yeah, she’s a porn star. Well, people have to have their quirks, I guess.


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