I just received the Canadian DVD release of my movie FAST TRACK: NO LIMITS…but I don't understand the teaser line on the cover:

Fast…Furious…No Limits. If Time is Money, What's Your Quarter Mile?

What does that mean? How is that supposed to entice me into renting/buying the DVD?

The movie is now also available on DVD in ChinaJapan , Australia , Thailand and Spain... as well as many other countries (but not yet in the U.S.). You can also find DVDs of FAST TRACK on Ebay.

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  1. What’s the link to order this from They’ve got 3 “Fast Track” DVDs listed and I’m not sure which is the right one.

  2. It IS curious! I’m guessing there is betting on car races (so “time is money”) and that the race length is a quarter-mile (so “what’s your quarter mile?”)
    But the deeper issue is: do Canadians really want to contribute to the success of other persons? (If they did, would a log line like this get written?)
    Donald Trump came to Toronto with a plan to build a luxury condo building, but waiting to sell all the units before beginning construction. But to buy one of his condos would have been helping him become a success. So guess what happened? He said that sales in Toronto were the slowest of any city he’d been. And guess what else happened? He sold so few condos that he had to chop 19 floors from the building.
    Margaret Atwood proposed that the central concern of Canadians is, simply, survival.For Americans, it’s liberty and happiness. So Americans love anybody, anything, or anyone who can help them be happier! Or live more! Or be more free! But Canadians feel the need for protection, and so they flock to those who give it, to those who are trying to make them feel more secure. I’m not saying all Canadians are the same, but the most well-known business brand name in Canada is, “Tim Horton’s,” and guess what their product is? Discount coffee! It doesn’t get any cheaper! So Canadians don’t feel they are making Tim Horton’s a success, but that Tim Horton’s is keeping money in their pocket!
    Anyway, I WILL buy your DVD. Can’t wait! Forgive my fellow Canuks! Each country has its psychic problems to deal with!

  3. Donald,
    Unfortunately, the TV & Movie business is more complicated than that. While I was the “creative mind” behind the movie, the finished film doesn’t belong to me… it belongs to the studios that financed it. They, in turn, sold the broadcast, theatrical and or DVD rights to different networks and distributors in various countries. Those networks and distributors can promote or package the product/film in any way they like, as long as they follow certain contractual obligations (credits, placement of credits, key art, etc.) that the studio made to the actors, writers, directors and guilds.
    I have no control whatsoever in how the DVDs are packaged and sold around the world.
    That said, the ones that I have seen — from Spain and Japan — have looked pretty cool.

  4. Hey Dan,
    I’m not so sure what the relevance is re: a DVD tag line and Donald Trump – Or what “ALL” Canadians want. Perhaps rural Canadians flock to Tims for a cheap coffee – I wouldn’t know the statistics as I don’t drink the stuff. I have many friends all over this country and they are ALL invested in helping others achieve as we all win when it is for the greater good.
    I’m sorry to hear your experience with people hasn’t been a positive. I believe that overall we DO want to feel secure – who doesn’t? However I don’t believe that is the overall life goal of Canadians. It is unfair to paint us all with the same brush.
    Perhaps we don’t have to chase liberty with such fervor as we’ve been lucky enough to have achieved a lot of the liberty the US still seeks. ie: same-sex marriage, universal health care.
    Regardless: I have to agree with “Jake” “As a Canuck, I would like to take this opportunity to say that we’re not all as daft-”
    I hope the DVD sales are off the charts here and that you continue to make your art, Lee!
    Best regards,

  5. Hi Pamela,
    Lee questioned the Canadian DVD teaser because it doesn’t seem to do what it should be doing, and I agree. So why did it get written? What was the fundamental, underlying cause? The teaser is SUPPOSED to do a job but but this one doesn’t, so what’s going on?
    Similarly, Donald Trump comes to town and is SUPPOSED to be able to build a luxury condo building, but it doesn’t happen here. So what’s going on?
    Similarly, Canadians are SUPPOSED (one would think) to like a great cup of coffee but it doesn’t happen, they drink discount coffee. So what’s going on?
    And in rural areas of Canada, the farmer is SUPPOSED to get a harvest each year, but bad weather frequently makes it not happen. So what attitude does this built up within the Canadian people as a whole?
    Is there an underlying reason working in all four cases?
    You are right that not ALL Canadians are the same, but there are distinctive Canadian attitudes, and it was Margaret Atwood who suggested that Life is just hard here and it makes us feel like we NEED help getting by rather than feeling like we can GIVE HELP to others. But it’s just an opinion (but it can be seen in Canadian literature.) And it can be seen in the DVD teaser: this teaser got written by a Canadian but in Canada things never seem to work out as they are SUPPOSED TO and so neither does the DVD teaser.
    On the level of the Federal Government, the Conservatives said there was no way they wouldn’t run a surplus and so they got elected for this promise and so they are SUPPOSED to run a surplus. But now they are saying that they might not! See the point I’m making? This kind of outcome makes us feel that we can’t win in the great struggle for life in this weather-bound country.
    Anyway, you might change your mind a bit when you find yourself needing help, or wanting a Canadian do some work for you. You might be like Lee, and be puzzled why it didn’t turn out as it was SUPPOSED to!
    On the other hand, Canadians are very respectful towards other cultures, are hard working and well-educated. It’s just that we aren’t perfect — otherwise Lee would have had a great Canadian DVD teaser for his movie!
    Feel free to disagree with everything!
    Best regards from Guelph,

  6. Wow. I just saw the trailer for Fast Track: No Limits, and I thought, wow. It wants to be “The Fast and the Horny”. Or “Nailed in 60 Seconds”. I guess I should have known, because within the first few seconds a girl started a race by taking her top off. (Later, a guy starts a race by breathing fire…)It would make a great movie to have Mike Nelson make a RiffTrax of. I was riffing the trailer. (When one car skidded into the other with the drivers side doors making contact,and the guys looked at each other, I said: Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?) LOL.
    Now, I haven’t seen the movie, but if I go by the trailer, it’s not something I’ll be too impressed with. Sorry Mr. G.

  7. I watched the trailer twice and its fine. Looks like a lot of entertainment value is in the movie.
    But at over three minutes, for me, it was a bit long. And sometimes, Lee, your humour shades into parody of the genre, and then parody sometimes shades into farce, which is laughing at the genre conventions. Parody and farce are, arguably, the two toughest genres to pull off, especially farce.
    But on the whole, it looks great, there’s loads of energy, and there are girls and fast cars and heists and money. I’m really looking forward to getting my copy! It looks like you found a way to make a “fast car movie” that’s fresh and exciting!


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