The name is Geek, Lee Geek

I’m sitting in the Habit burger joint after seeing the first showing of the new Bond film. I am order #007…how’s that for fate?

I don’t see why the critics have been so hard on this movie…I liked it. I just wish there was more of the Bond theme and less frenetic cutting of the action sequences.

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4 thoughts on “The name is Geek, Lee Geek”

  1. My first reaction today to QoS was “Where’s the Intro?” Movie was okay, I’ll give it an 8.5; I can see where they’re going, but they’re not there yet.
    THEN at the end of the movie, there was the Marching White Dot, the Gunbarrel, and the Music… Perhaps a sign that Daniel Craig # 3 will be “Back to Bond”….

  2. I have not seen this film yet (I will probably wait for dvd) but I, too, do not care for the current trend of fast action cutaways. Watching “Transformers” gave me a headache with that 20+ min. city fight sequence with a constantly moving/spinning camera. I guess this is a sign of getting old.

  3. I’m only commenting to say that I agree 100% with the author. I went to see this on opening night with two friends and they both complained afterwards. I thought it was a good film with some nice touches of humour. But there is no excuse for only using the Bond theme right at the end, again! Anyway, I only came on this site to find some tips on writing as a career so I can quit my dismal job. Thanks!

  4. Wow, people aren’t liking QoS? I thought it rocked! I typically hate the fast-edits. Transformers was awful! But they were done pretty well in this film. I did get the feeling that this was perhaps a transition piece, and the next one will be Bond-tastic.
    I have to admit that Daniel Craig is my favorite Bond, though. He’s got the badass pimp part down pat. I also like it that he’s very physical, in the fight/chase sequences. I also like the ‘less-is-more’ gadget approach to the new films, and I like that the product placement is much less in your face. The Brosnan Bonds were AWFUL for that.
    I have to admit that I was massively angry that the AMC I went to did not show the Watchmen trailer as they were supposed to, and that the new Star Trek trailer did not make my happy. But I loved the Bond film itself. I did a big ranty post on my blog about that.


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