One of my favorite soundtracks, and guilty pleasures, is Elmer Bernstein’s score for GOLD, a terrible thriller starring Roger Moore about a flood in a South African gold mine. But the big, bold, brassy and extremely cheesy theme song and score are absolutely wonderful…and it’s on sale this week for just $14.95 from Screen Archives Entertainment. Here’s the main title sequence from the film…

1 thought on “I Love GOLD”

  1. Never saw the movie, but I recall Roger Moore was pimping it on Johnny Carson.
    One of the scenes required the actors be up to their necks in flood water for a week. There were chemicals in the water. Moore explained in their use in gold mining, and he may have mentioned cyanide.
    The darndest things stick in a kid’s brain!
    He concluded by saying his skin had a reaction to the chemicals resulting in his nipples turning black and falling off.
    “You are looking at a James Bond with no nipples,” he said with understated delivery.
    There was a second of dead silence–I expect they were shocked he’d said “nipples”–then the audience fell out of their chairs.
    Danged funny man.
    Still skipping the movie, but I have the DVD set of The Persuaders–which has cool credits, too!
    Going to put on my soundtrack for The Magnificent Seven now…


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