I Wonder How She Feels About Male-Birthing Stories

Bestselling author Sandra Brown  doesn’t like fanfic based on her work and wants her fans to help her find it.  She posts this note on her site

A Word About Fan Fiction

We post excerpts from some of Sandra’s more recent books so that you, the reader, can make more informed purchasing decisions. We now ask that you help us in return. Fan Fiction is illegal. Taking characters from an author’s work and adapting stories around them constitutes copyright
infringement. If you discover "Fan Fiction" of Mrs. Brown’s work, please don’t hesitate
to us.

6 thoughts on “I Wonder How She Feels About Male-Birthing Stories”

  1. Actually,she’s mistaken. “FanFic” (first time I heard the term) if done in a parody is well within the application of the Fair Use Doctrine…

  2. I don’t think she’s talking about satire. She’s referring to stories written by fans using characters and situations from her novels without her consent.


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