True to His School

My Uncle Stanley Barer was recently appointed by the Governor of Washington to serve as a Regent at the Univeristy of Washington through 2010. My Mom, My Dad, my Uncle Burl Barer, and William Rabkin, my TV writing partner, are all Uof W grads.

Stanley Barer received a B.A. from UW and also graduated from
the UW School of Law. In 2000, Barer was honored as the Distinguished Alumnus of
the Year by the UW School of Economics. He has received similar honors from the
UW School of Law and the UW Law Review Editorial Board. Barer and his wife
contributed to the UW Law School’s new Center for Graduate Programs &
International Studies, and he is currently serving as chair of the law school’s
capital campaign. Barer and his wife also established a $1 million educational
endowment for teaching K-12 students the basics of international trade and

“I am greatly honored by this appointment,” Barer said.
“The university has played an extremely important role in my life. It is a great
institution, and I look forward to doing my part to make it even better.”

Barer is chairman emeritus and part owner of Saltchuk Resources, Inc. He
also remains of counsel to the Seattle law firm of Garvey, Schubert & Barer,
where for 20 years he specialized in the areas of government regulation,
shipping and international trade.

Barer is a founder and longtime board
member of the Washington State China Relations Council. He also serves on the
board and executive committee of the Washington Council on International Trade.
Barer has previously served as chair of the maritime committee and vice chair of
trade and transportation for the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce.

The UW Board of Regents is the governing body for the University of

Way to go Uncle Stanley!

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  1. Hi Lee Just happened to look at your web site and was surprised and delighted to see you had mentioned by appointment to the U of W Regents. I was, however, saddened by the bio info you included….no where does it mention that I have always been a role model to you…that I taught you how to put a maggot on a hook and then not wash your hands before eating a candy bar…and that peeing in the lake in the dark really does not hurt the fish. You said nice things about me but my guidance to you and your siblings on these type of matters is what really counts in my book. (Of course I realise that I contrast to you, Tod, your mom, Karen and Linda…have never written a damn book). Anyway, thanks for the kudos. Love you. Uncle Stan


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