I’m Smokin’

Smkmdl1-2TI made two slabs of hickory-smoked, Santa Maria spare ribs on Sunday that were absolutely incredible. Marinated them in Santa Maria rub overnight, let them sit out for an hour or so at room temp, then smoked them for three hours in a Smokin-It Model One  with two hickory pieces in the smoke box. After they were done, we let them sit for 20 minutse under tin foil then dug in. They were perfect! I may never go out to a BBQ joint in LA again. I know this sounds like an advertisement/plug, but it’s not. It’s a genuine rave. My wife got me the smoker for my birthday and I’ve fallen in love with it. I’ve been smoking everythng but my Atkins bars!

I’ve been munching on the left-over ribs today as I toil on book #2 in th new series I’m writing with Janet Evanovich. Just finished proofing the galleys for THE HEIST, book #1 in the series, so now it feels real to me.

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