Important Message from The International Confederation of Rangers

Stlgrangers3There are a significant number of fans who would like to see a feature film version of SPACE RANGERS with the original cast. We never got the final episode we deserve due to political issues at the network.  The fans are uniting around this very important cause. We have already designed the movie poster. Look for our full-page advertisements in Daily Variety,  Starlog, Adult Video News and Highlights for Children.  You can make a difference!

7 thoughts on “Important Message from The International Confederation of Rangers”

  1. I’d be happy to contribute some of my SPACE RANGERS fanfic, including the crossover stories in which the Rangers team up with the cast of SPACE: ABOVE AND BEYOND to combat the villains from FIREFLY. But only if you’re serious about this.

  2. My favorite episode was when Linda Hunt was kidnapped by the “Little People Planet.” A world inhabited exclusively by Cambodian midgets.
    They made her their Oueen Overlord, and she had to decide whether or not to return to the Rangers, or stay and get all the perks – like owning a liger and great sandwiches.


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