Otherworlders Unite!

An important message from Otherworlder Central Fan Command.  There’s a huge global following that will line up to  see a feature film version of OTHERWORLD with the original
cast. Sam Groom rules. It’s a crime he never won an Emmy for his powerful performances.  You aren’t human if the opening narration doesn’t move you, doesn’t haunt your soul forever:

Otherworld"Other worlds lie outside our seeing. Beyond the beyond. At the edge…
of within. The Great Pyramid, erected by the ancient ones as a
barricade. At the portal between two dimensions, two separate
realities. This is the story of one family, drawn through a mysterious
vortex into the other world and of their perilous trek homeward."

We never got to see them get home. That is just wrong. We didn’t get the final episode we deserve because of the suits at the network.  OTHERWORLD fans from all corners of the globe are rallying to support this urgent cause.
We have already designed the DVD box, movie poster and network promos. Look for our full-page
advertisements in the Hollywood Reporter, Parade Magazine,  Dog Fancy and American Spectator.

8 thoughts on “Otherworlders Unite!”

  1. This looks like fun.
    Pick an old goofy TV sci-fi show, claim there are legions of fans organized to bring it back to its full glory and even get a feature film starring the ORIGINAL CAST!, and then try to get gullible people to join the crusade.
    Except… this isn’t a joke, is it? “Trek” revivalists I can understand, but “Otherworld” and “Space Rangers”? Even I had to jiggle my brain cells back into place to remember that one!
    Bring back “Automan”! And with the original cast!

  2. OMG, I remember this one and I watched it every week! The only episode that really stands out was when the young guy got hijacked into the army. Oh I am sick. You’re right. They’re probably still bouncing around out there until we see them get home.

  3. I’ve felt Otherworld has been an underestimated series. I was able to forgive some of its flaws for the greater good. I have read from an imdb.com posting that there were 13 episodes made. This can’t be true. I think Sci-Fi would run all of them. Like both The Fantastic Journey and Logan’s Run this series wasn’t fulfilled.
    If I were Rod Taylor I would reunite the Sterlings as hiding out in Imar itself looking for clues to the vortex back to Earth. What about Cmdr. Kroll? Last we saw he was on the auction block in Ador. It would be too funny to see our nasty zone trooper commander finally making a break out of Ador to finally discover the Sterlings in Imar.


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