It’s a Blog. It’s a Book. It’s Both

Bob Sassone, one of our frequent visitors here, is launching a book blog. Er. Blog book. Ah hell, I’ll let him tell you.

"Letters To Martha", my new novel, launches today. I know, I know, you’re
thinking many things.  You have a new novel?  Martha who?  How can a novel
"launch"? And should I ask my doctor about Lipitor?  That last one is
between you and your doctor, but here’s the web site for the

It’s a blog novel.  A
novel, because that’s how I originally wrote it, and it’s a blog
because…well, if you haven’t heard they’re all the sa-hizzle with the
hip kids nowadays.

There’s a more in-depth answer to the "why put
it online" question.  Read it

This also
fulfills my promise I made to you a year and a half ago, about giving all of
you a free novel as thanks for reading my stuff.  It will be updated
every Tues and Thurs with new entries.  You can leave comments at the blog
if you’d like (for now anyway – let’s see if anyone abuses that little
feature), and it will run until March/April, just in time for Martha’s
release from the pokey.  Let me know what you think. 

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