iUniverse or PublishAmerica?

I received this email today:

I was just ready to send my manuscript off to them when I stumbled upon your
article.  Last time I published I used iuniverse.  Do you have any other
feedback that you would like to share with me regarding these two companies?

I replied: I think self-publishing your novel is a mistake, but if you’re going to do it,
go with iUniverse. They are honest about who they are and what they do and
they turn out a very nice looking product.

8 thoughts on “iUniverse or PublishAmerica?”

  1. Oh, you guys are killing me.
    I work for a community college, and *just* interviewed a student for a feature piece. The whole angle of the story is that she’s a writer. I have to admit, when I met her, discovered that she’s 21 and got her book published “on the first try,” I was already skeptical.
    I “Google” PA and I got a ton of bad news. I’m afraid this perfectly sweet student is getting ripped off, but . . . (and here’s my point in writing)
    I’m casting about for advice. She’s already signed. Do I say something? Is it really my place, as an employee of the educational institution she attends? My heart aches for her, but I’m loathe to mess with students’ minds more than I need to; after all, I’m not a professor.

  2. I don’t know whether you say anything to her, but I do think you pull the piece. At least in its current form, it would legitimize PublishAmerica.
    I don’t envy you at all. Good luck.


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